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When a Pollen Hotel emerges into a Pollen Park

When many Pollen Hotels join something really wonderful happens. A Pollen Park emerges.

A Pollen Hotel might be a pot plant with flowering herbs, or a fruiting lemon tree or a flower garden. When many Pollen Hotels connect they become a Pollen Hotspot. This might look like a vegetable garden surrounded by a flower garden next to pollen laden citrus tree. Or it might look like a street of roadside berms planted in rosemary lined either side with Pohutakawa’s. These sort of plantings begin to supply bees with a year round food source, rather than short intense bursts. For example a Pohutakawa flowers in summer but then produces no food at all for the rest of the year.

When many Pollen Hotspots connect a Pollen Park emerges and the bee communities can really thrive as they are able to find stable food sources all year round.

These food sources also need to be safe and not harm bees when they feed on nectar and gather the pollen from the flowers. Bees in a safe Pollen Park do not need supplementary feeding with sugar water or corn syrup  and as a result they produce their human community excellent quality honey with real medical properties.

Bees will forage 6.5km for nectar and pollen. Plant a Pollen Hotel and help turn the space inside this circle into a Pollen Park.