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Non chemical weed control…what are my options?

We are testing two different ways of getting rid of competing grass and weeds as part of preparing the ground for the Pasture Paintings. One of these systems is hot water spraying. This system developed by Biothermal has been used successfully for weed control on the North Shore of Auckland for some years. It works and offers an earth friendly weed control solution that is not harmful to us or bees.

Very soon Biothermal they will have units available for sale here in New Zealand  that are capable of 45 minutes of electric free hot water spraying which will allow people to have tidy and chemical free gardens.

Keep an eye on our seven Pasture Paintings as they pop up around the perimeter of the Waitemata and make up your mind for yourself.


Biothermal – a chemical free commitment

Dennis Tindall from Biothermal Technologies Ltd used to work for a major multinational chemical manufacture selling and using sprays that harm us and bees. He admits he was one of the guys that used to get up in community meetings trying to bamboozle the antichemical activists with science insisting they were perfectly harmless. Slowly Dennis began to see things that made him feel uncomfortable. He has had cancer himself, which he considers was a result of the close proximity he had to chemicals in his work place over many years. But it was an incident about 20 years ago that really turned Dennis around for good. One day after chemically spraying out in South Auckland he got a phone call to say a young boy had almost died. Dennis insisted on meeting him. Seeing this young boy so ill, made Dennis promise the boy’s father he would never use chemical sprays again and that he would work for the rest of his life to find an alternative to this harmful practice. He kept his word. Watch our pasture paintings and see for yourself Dennis’ hard work proving we no longer need to be chemical dependent.